SAP Partner Summit SME: MARINGO takes part

07 Mar. 2023 | MARINGO

In 2023, the annual meeting of SAP partners from small and midsize entreprises will take place under a new name: “SAP Partner Summit SME”. MARINGO is delighted with SAP’s decision to once again offer partners the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas on site. We are happy to be present at all three locations this year:

Bangkok: May 9-10, 2023
Panama City: May 23-25, 2023
Vienna: June 13-15, 2023

In view of current issues such as climate change, sustainability or supply chain disruptions, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) must constantly adapt and develop. In this context, the use of ERP systems is becoming increasingly interesting for SMEs. ERP systems provide reliable, up-to-date data for business decisions.

Please mark your calendars for the SAP Summits! We are looking forward to receiving information from SAP and partners on new developments of SAP Business One.

SAP partners are invited to register for the SAP Partner Summit SME under .