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Your project budget under control, thanks to MARIProject

MARIProject, project management software for EC&O companies

Optimise purchasing and reporting as well as resource planning

  • Reduce your calculation effort by integrating purchasing and project management.
  • Get reliable, up-to-the-minute cost control.
  • MARIProject supports collaboration with international partners, whether in purchasing or at different locations.
  • All employees work with the same consistent data, on the construction site as well as in the office.

MARIProject Testimonials

The project software for plant construction enables budget control and resource planning

SPG Steiner

SPG Steiner

Today SPG Steiner GmbH is a recognised EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company. With the help of SAP Business One and MARIProject, purchasing and accounting were improved with regard to international cooperation.



Lezama specialises in dismantling and demolition of industrial plants and soil decontamination. Thanks to the integrated solution of SAP Business One and MARIProject, Lezama was able to achieve better management of the equipment pool as well as better cost control in the projects.

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MARIProject is available in over 50 countries and 4 languages.
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