SAP Business One 10.0: FP2202 is available

26 Jul. 2022 | SAP Business One

The highly anticipated “FP 2202” for SAP Business One 10.0 was released on July 4, 2022. In particular, the Web Client has been further developed. Here are some new enhancements:

  • Relationship Map is enhanced to support additional objects, e.g. Payments
  • Business Card scanning is available for vendors
  • Incoming & Outgoing Payments are enhanced to support Bank Charges, Invoice + Payment, Checks and Credit Cards payment means, and payment drafts
  • The Goods Returns and A/P Credit Memos apps enable you to manage, process and create goods returns and A/P credit memos
  • You can manage and process existing goods issues as well as creating new ones and manage goods issues drafts
    The Journal Entries and Create Journal Entry apps are added under the Accounting module, allowing you to manage, process, and manually create journal entries.
  • The Import and Export Views app enables to export & import user-defined views, pre-defined views, links to view and User Defined Queries, to and from any company database
  • The User Defined Queries app is enhanced to support inclusion of SQL views and HANA calculation views within a SQL statement in addition to choose from list ability from list of SQL commands, database tables, SQL Views and HANA Calculation Views
  • With FP 2202 you can duplicate selected user-defined query for more efficient query creation process

MARIProject version 6.8.001 is compatible with FP 2202.