Vacation Request Workflow

23 Oct. 2023 | MARIProject

New MARIProject Video:

Vacation Request Workflow: From the Vacation Request up to the Entry in the Project Plan

Vacation management is a necessary process in the company, which causes a high organisational effort and also increases as the number of employees grows. This is because each employee is entitled to a certain number of vacation days, which they must plan, coordinate, apply for and have approved. For this purpose, some companies already use special software for vacation requests or time tracking.

However, if you use different tools for vacation planning and project planning, resource planning remains difficult because the approved vacation is not displayed in the other system.

In the integrated project software MARIProject for SAP Business One, both processes are synchronised: Workflows for vacation requests can be created flexibly. Requested vacation is automatically displayed in the employee calendar as well as in the project planning.

In addition, all parties involved keep track of how many vacation days the employee has in total, how many of them have already been planned, applied for or approved, or are still available, regardless of location and at any time.

This means: MARIProject does not only facilitate vacation management, but also project planning.

Our new video illustrates the simple process using the MARIProject app and Web Client.


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