Optimize Time Sheet Entries for Project Billing

15 Aug. 2023 | MARIProject

Optimize Time Sheet Entries for Project Billing 

Do you and your co-workers spend a lot of time doing time sheet entries for projects, yet some are overlooked during billing, i.e., not invoiced? This phenomenon is quite common in service providers. Often the reason is late submitted or forgotten Excel lists or faulty transfer into the billing software.

An integrated project software, such as MARIProject, supports you in simplifying the time sheet entries for projects, accelerating approvals and billing projects completely.

Digital Time Sheet Entries

When you record project hours directly into the integrated project software, in the office, at the customer, on the road or in the home office, on your PC, laptop or smartphone, all data is in the system and assigned to the project simultaneously. You can record working hours precisely, per project or per phase, or simply copy the time from the planning. What saves valuable time. In addition, time sheets do not have to be transferred manually, so no entries of performed services get lost.

The software generates the time sheet that your customer signs at the push of a button.

Approval Through Mobile Devices

You approve the services recorded by your employees for billing, regardless of location, mobile, partially, or completely.

Prompt & Complete Project Billing

Approved hours are then automatically displayed for project billing to your customer.

Keeping Project Costs Under Control

Often the actual project costs exceed the planning because there are no suitable control instruments. MARIProject, on the other hand, allows you to set a limit for planned project hours. As soon as, employees want to record more hours than planned, the project manager receives a message and can intervene promptly.

Does this sound interesting? Get to know MARIProject!

Video: Time Sheet Entry

In the video you will get to know some possibilities of time sheet entries with MARIProject.


Video: Project billing

The video shows some possibilities of project billing.


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