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Time Tracking
  • project entry
  • attendance time
  • in back office
  • via Internet
  • via smartphone or tablet
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Travel Expenses Management
  • in back office
  • via Internet
  • via smartphone or tablet
  • including document entry
  • travel allowances according to German law already included

Ensure accurate time & travel expenses

Capture & post time and travel expenses easily, even with mobile devices

MARIProject provides flexible time tracking capabilities. You can capture project time for services or only attendance time, either in the office using your PC or with mobile devices over the Internet through smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS).

The same applies to the entry of travel expenses: Capture your travel expenses already while away on business, for example via smartphone. Take pictures of the documents (receipts etc.), assign the expenses and documents to the project and bill all costs internally (expense report).

Through the integrated time and travel expenses management functionality, costs are directly assigned to the project and are immediately taken into account in billing and reporting.

Key features

  • post hours to a project or a project phase
  • entry of time/travel expenses possible by employee, project manager or authorised employee
  • various input devices: bar code, laser pen and touch screen
  • posting block: define limits for the time recording to stay in line with the project budget
  • always have working time calendars in mind: full time, part time, overtime, flextime etc.
  • automatically generate list of hours based on individual needs
  • approval processes: define approval processes according to your requirements, e.g. approve recorded services prior to the billing
  • internal accounting/reimbursement of travel costs/expenses to the employee

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