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Web-based support desk

MARIProject provides an integrated user help desk, which has proven to be particularly helpful for the processing of support tickets with IT service providers.

Efficient software support

Edit support tickets quickly in the integrated support desk

The support desk (user help desk) of MARIProject allows online customer service for 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. The ticket system is particularly useful for the processing of software messages with IT service providers.

Through the integration of MARIProject with SAP Business One, the staff of the hotline service have all the information they need for the processing of customer requests: customer master data, projects, used products etc. In addition, you benefit from these features:

  • link images and documents
  • document the processing online
  • online access for customers
  • ensure smooth data exchange with customers
  • 24/7 editing for all involved
  • assign priority levels
  • user service level agreements
  • Integrated time tracking
  • bill and analyse support tickets
  • After completion of the support, the support staff enters the working time per support ticket in the support desk. The project manager approves the data and the accounting department bills the approved value to the customer.

Support reports

All captured data are available for reports. In addition to the pre-configured reports, SAP Business One Version for HANA allows you to define individual, graphical dashboards with, (e.g. tickets handled per customer, actual hours versus billable hours). The dashboards help you identify weak points and potentials more quickly.

Support desk

The user help desk of MARIProject for SAP Business One enables customers as well as employees to track hotline tickets and to document processing.

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