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Project-related purchasing
  • assign purchased goods to project
  • select most favorable vendor
  • compare different vendor prices and determine the goods with the best price


Purchasing functionalities for project-driven businesses

MARIProject helps you procure goods and assign goods directly to a project phase

Cost-conscious procurement is a key factor for the economic success of projects, especially in the engineering, construction and operations industry. SAP Business One provides general procurement and inventory management functionalities.

MARIProject increases these capabilities by project-related purchasing functionalities allowing you, for example, to procure items for a specific project phase. The costs are automatically assigned to the phase and are billed after completion of the phase. This helps you keep track of the project costs and facilitates the billing, especially with long-term projects.

Key features

  • project-related comparison of quotes
  • determine the most favourable item prices of all price quotes of your vendors
  • visualise the purchase status per project on item level
  • setup approval processes for procurement
  • manage multiple warehouses
  • use your mobile devices for project-related material requirements requests


MARIProject – Project-related purchasing


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