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Direct Management Reporting

“In the past, delivering monthly reports meant about three days’ work; now all data are available ad hoc.”
Gween Cristens, Head of Accounting, 3E

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MARINGO is a certified SAP Partner

As a certified SAP partner we focus 100% on SAP Business One.


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MARINGO's services
  • consulting around SAP Business One
  • implementation
  • customisation
  • training & support


Institut français de la vigne et du vin

To assure the management of projects is one thing. To be able to track the costs for the different projects is another. That’s why the French institute for grapevine and wine IFV (Institut français de la vigne et du vin) did start searching for a new information system with the option to integrate financials and project management in real-time. The IFV which derived from the fusion of the “Établissement national techniquepour l’amélioration de la viticulture (ENTAV)” and the “Institut technique de la vigne et du vin (ITV France)” in 2007, conducts research for the entire wine industry in the fields of grapevine selection, winegrowing and production and product marketing. At the moment 140 employees work in the different French wine regions for the institute.

Key challenges

  • Eliminate the legacy system to introduce an ERP system that enables the management of projects in real-time.

Key benefits

  • Deploy project management software
  • Ability to customize the software
  • Real-time access to information on activities
  • Rapidity, simplicity, reliability and stability of the SAP software
  • Enhanced human resources management

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