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Direct Management Reporting

“In the past, delivering monthly reports meant about three days’ work; now all data are available ad hoc.”
Gween Cristens, Head of Accounting, 3E

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MARINGO's services
  • consulting around SAP Business One
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INDEFF SA provides manufacturing automation, execution, and intelligence services to users of Wonderware software in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas industries. To support its growth, INDEFF implemented MARINGO’s project management solution MARIProject. INDEFF expanded its international presence, gained tighter control of operations, and doubled its revenue in only three years.

Key challenges

  • Integrate software and centralise data and processes to enable real time reporting
  • Support decision making to enable growth
  • Reduce loss of revenue due to late or incomplete reported times
  • Control project risk and manage progress and profit margins with greater precision
  • Improve ability to launch and bill new value-added support services


  • Completed implementation in one month
  • Adopted scalable solution to meet future needs without additional licenses
  • Avoided interfaces by adopting integrated solution and maintained small hardware footprint to minimize IT cost and maintenance
  • Invoice accuracy increased by 10%
  • Loss of revenue for support services reduced by 30%
  • administrative full-time equivalent as percentage of total reduced by 40%

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