New business partner, certified through Internet: ANT Technology S.L., Spain

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New approach:
Until now, at MARINGO there has never been any talks about online certifications. MARIProject certifications to become a partner of MARINGO were done classically through on-site courses, with no exceptions.

New concept:
We too have been urged by the COVID-19 to adapt and seek new formulas. On-site courses with participants from all over the world are no longer viable for the moment and in the long term. That’s why we decided to offer employees of MARINGO and SAP Business One partners a web-based course to obtain the certification of the project management software, MARIProject. The result has been a “blended learning concept”, a mix of live online training resources and methods through GoToMeeting; self-study period with written materials; live online Q&A sessions; a service portal where MARINGO consultants also answered questions as quickly as possible; and a live online final exam. We estimated that the learning time would be around 40 hours, plus live sessions that took place over 6 weeks. We were very pleased with the response.

Great experience:
We were very surprised by the response to this online certification offer: Many interested persons from SAP partner companies around the world registered. During the last of July, the first participant, an employee of the Spanish SAP Business One partner, ANT Technology, took his online exam and passed it successfully.

Peter Sauermann, General Manager of MARINGO, expressed his great satisfaction: “To be honest, I was very sceptical whether it was possible to gain an underlying understanding of our relatively complex software in this way. Looking back, I have to say that I was positively surprised at how well it could work”. Further exams are planned until the end of August.

New business partner:
We have acquired a new partner: ANT Technology S.L., Spain. ANT Technology is an experienced partner of SAP Business One with offices in Lleida and Tarragona. The mission of the company is very clear: “To meet the needs of companies by offering high value-added solutions and professional services”.

We at MARINGO are thrilled with this inspiring new partnership.




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