MARIProject Version 6.7 is available

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MARIProject für SAP Business On 6.7

Just in time for Christmas, MARIProject version 6.7 for SAP Business One is available.  This version provides the following relevant functions, among others:

  • Reminders
    The possibility to create reminders has been comprehensively expanded. With the new version, you can create reminders for phases, contract positions or support tickets, among others.
  • Dimensions and Weights
    The units of measure defined in SAP Business One are displayed in the respective contract position and in the document.
  • Support Tickets
    Various options have been added to the support module, for example, to store tasks for individual tickets or to assign support tickets to a project phase.
  • Development Tasks
    To strengthen collaboration in the development team, you can now assign different development tasks to a project. These tasks are not displayed to customers.
  • Task Management, Idea Management & HR Tasks
    To support collaboration in other business areas as well, we have extended MARIProject with functions for task management, idea management and HR tasks. The functionality is similar to that in the Support Desk.
  • Dashboards
    In addition to the project dashboard, it is now possible to display dashboards in the following areas: Contract, Employees, Pools, Equipment Categories, Equipment and Customer Service Objects.
  • Improved Contract Master
    To speed up the processing of contracts, it is now possible to work with keyboard shortcuts in the main program. For example, instead of the menu selection, you can now use the keyboard to insert new contract positions.
  • Combined Printing of Invoice and Activity Report
    In the service industry it is quite common to send time sheets (activity reports) together with the invoice. Therefore, MARIProject now allows to set the system in such a way that either two PDF documents are created during invoicing or one that contains both the invoice and the activity report. Then you can send an email with one or more documents.
    This file can be further processed in the ZUGFeRD or X-Invoice add-on.
  • Improved Gantt Planning
    This improvement is relevant for project planning with numerous phases: To simplify editing in the Gantt chart, it is now possible to select one phase and hide all others.
  • Coloured Representation of Overtime Threshold
    In many companies or organisations, a certain number of overtime hours should not be exceeded. To simplify the overview, MARIProject now allows you to define a threshold above which the number of overtime hours is highlighted in colour in the month summary and in the info screen.
  • Further Improvements
    There is a new setting to prevent employees from retroactively recording hours in the past.

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