MARIProject 5.4 is available

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MARIProject version 5.4

Version 5.4 of MARIProject, project management software for SAP Business One, contains several interesting features, such as:

  • Automatic planning of phases with dependencies
    Phases with dependencies can now be planned automatically. If the duration of a predecessor phase changes, all planned resources will be shifted accordingly.
  • Prerecording and approval of hours by employee
    Employees can now edit the recording of hours on a weekly basis and process data after review and completion
  • Rejection of hours by project manager
    Project managers can now reject time sheet entries. The employees can be informed by email. They have to correct the entries immediately.
  • Travel Request
    For each travel category it can be defined if a travel request is mandatory. If requested, employees have to make a travel request with the expected travel
    budget prior to a business trip to be approved by the superior or project
    manager. Upon travel expenses accounting, the travel request will automatically
    be assigned and checked by the accountant.
  • Import of hierarchical bills of material
    Bills of material with hierarchical structure can be transferred to a contract in one step.

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