MARIProject supports project workflows with industry-specific functions

The ERP and project management solution for the engineering, construction & operations industry

Project definition

MARIProject supports consistent project definition: All information is accessible from the project master.


Costs are automatically assigned to a project and a particular phase. A wizard assists you in the selection of the best quoted prices per item.

Time tracking

Flexible ways to track working hours: whether mere attendance or hours assigned to a project, you can track time with your mobile device or from the back office. Entered data is automatically taken into account in the billing and evaluation step.

Project invoicing

MARIProject flexibly supports project billing: on time and material basis, at fixed price, by milestone, with retention guarantee, with pro rata, by degree of completion, on a due date and much more.

Failure handling

MARIProject provides a service desk that enables you to record a technical failure at your customer’s plant, document processing and bill the service.

Project controlling

A special feature that distinguishes the software are the numerous evaluations. More than 250 reports are contained by default. You also have the option to define individual key figures and dashboards.

Quotation costing

MARIProject facilitates quotation costing: Prices for all items and methods like overhead calculation are already defined in the system.

Resource planning

MARIProject facilitates resource planning: e.g. by Drag & Drop in the pool planning or with the capacity display across multiple projects.

Travel expenses

Track travel expenses with your mobile device. Allowances are taken into account automatically in order to bill them internally or to the customer.

Work in progress

MARIProject enables flexible assessment of work in progress: according to German Commercial Code or international POC. A wizard automatically posts the corresponding values in the system for the P/L statement.


In the service desk, you can schedule appointments for plant or product maintenance, assign employees, document processes and bill services. In addition, you automatically receive evaluations of the processes per product / plant.


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