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ERP software for project controlling in consulting architectural and engineering firms

MARIProject supports accounting project management of construction or construction planning projects

Nowadays, small and midsize architectural and engineering firms deal with highly complex construction and construction planning projects on an international scale. To remain competitive, the management of these companies requires user-friendly accounting tools for project calculation, planning, billing and – last but not least – project controlling. To optimise processes, integrated systems make sense as they can save time.

Convenient project controlling is what particularly distinguishes integrated ERP and project management solutions like MARIProject with SAP Business One: Whether degree of completion, earned value analysis or profit and loss statement – all business analyses can be generated at the touch of a button, based on up-to-the-minute data.

Project costing

With MARIProject, you calculate your projects based on data stored in the ERP system. This includes costs and revenues for all resources, such as employees, items and equipment. You choose your individually configured calculation method (for architectural / engineering firms, this is usually a fixed price with progress billing), adjust your individual values – and the system automatically displays the margin.


The system fully supports the purchase of required items by comparing quoted prices on item level and displaying the purchase status for each item.

Resource planning

Costs and working hours for all resources are planned consistently in one system, for example by means of the Gantt view. Employees’ vacation days and assignments for other projects are visible in the capacity display at all times. All data is available in the same system so you can always keep track of resource capacity.

Integrated tracking of working hours and travel expenses

MARIProject allows for the user-friendly mobile data entry of items, working hours, travel expenses and used equipment.

Project controlling

MARIProject provides more than 200 evaluations by default, for example degree of completion, remaining volume or phase totals. In addition, it is possible to set up individual analyses, such as a project profit and loss statement or an evaluation based on the earned value method. All entered data is immediately taken into account in all evaluations. This way, you receive up-to-date project data on a daily basis.


MARIProject supports all common billing types, whether fixed price, service at cost, due date, milestone, payment claim and final invoice. Furthermore, a tool assists you in the calculation and posting of work in progress (WIP). The calculated values are automatically transferred to financial accounting.

Due to the fact that data needs to be captured only once, complete billing is possible without delay by data import and export to other systems.

International projects

Nowadays, many construction or construction planning projects are realised in collaboration with international companies. Another common scenario is that planning and construction of the site take place in different countries.

MARIProject can handle that, too: The software supports multiple companies and multiple currencies, is localised for over 40 countries and is available in German, English, Spanish and French. In addition, MARIProject enables data access and data entry on the go thanks to a Web and Mobile Client.

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