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Direct Management Reporting

“In the past, delivering monthly reports meant about three days’ work; now all data are available ad hoc.”
Gween Cristens, Head of Accounting, 3E

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SAP Business One & MARIProject Demo

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MARINGO's services
  • consulting around SAP Business One
  • implementation
  • customisation
  • training & support


MARINGO's Download Archive

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folder sap business one detailed Category: SAP Business One

SAP Business One – Detail

SAP Business One - Detail, 28 pages

Download ‐ pdf 4 MB
folder sap hana Category: SAP Business One

SAP Business One – HANA

Overview of the capabilities of SAP Business One for HANA

Download ‐ pdf 535 KB
Category: SAP Business One

SAP Business One – Overview

Brief overview of the SAP Business One functionalities

Download ‐ pdf 1 MB

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