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MARINGO Services
  • Consulting on SAP Business One & MARIProject
  • Software Development
  • Implementation
  • Training & Support

MARINGO’s service portfolio

Consulting, development, project management, training & support,
SAP Business One consulting

As SAP Partner, MARINGO is one of the leading providers of software solutions in Germany whose focus lies on SAP Business One. As a small and midsize business, we know the requirements of businesses of this size from personal experience. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous SAP Business One implementation projects. As a result, you can trust on our experienced staff who provide you with expert advice and assist you during the entire course of the project.

Software development

MARINGO has been developing business management solutions for small and midsize businesses for more than 30 years. MARIProject, the project management solution for SAP Business One, is our main product. Besides the development of add-ons to SAP Business One and interfaces, we provide individual customisations.


We assist you in the introduction and implementation of SAP Business One and MARIProject while focusing on your individual requirements. In addition, we rely on the proven AIM method (Accelerated Implementation Method) of SAP. In this way, the procedure in each project phase is transparent, cost-efficient and optimally tailored to the needs of your business.

International projects

Like SAP Business One, also MARIProject is used in more than 42 countries. More than 21,000 users worldwide work with MARIProject. That’s why we look back with pride on the successful implementation of many international projects.


Software meets only its purpose if the staff is able to work with it. Therefore, we train your staff in how to use SAP Business One and MARIProject. Training takes place at our class room or on-site at the employees’ work place.

Support/hotline service

Even after the implementation, we continue to assist you and your employees to keep the system always up to date, for example, for new legal requirements, such as tax notifications etc. or software updates.

Our support services for SAP Business One & MARIProject include:

  • a regular update service
  • use of our support desk and
  • telephone hotline service

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